SYNPOL Amino resins namely butylated urea, melamine and benzoguanamine formaldehyde resins are the dominating types of resins used in the coating industries for industrial and household appliance’s product finishes. They are formulated not only with alkyds but with epoxies, epoxy esters, thermosetting acrylics, polyvinyl butyrals and oil free polyester resins as well. Amino resins based finishes are designed for mass production applications as they are generally baking type, suitable to meet the demands of volume production with minimum area and time requirements.
  • Butylated Urea Formaldehyde Resins: These resins give general purpose baking enamels with adequate gloss, hardness, flexibility, adhesion and impact resistance. Further, they are also very advantageously used for low temperature acid catalyzed curing systems for screen enamels and wood lacquers for floor and furniture finishes.
  • Butylated Melamine Formaldehyde Resins: These resins give better properties over urea resins offering greater hardness, excellent chemical resistance, very high color stability and resistance to over baking coupled with very high durability. Moreover, they retain all the good properties of urea resins. They are ideal for long lasting automotive finishing systems, requiring very high resistance to all the extreme condition of weather, prevailing in different parts of the country.
  • Butylated Benzoguanamine Formaldehyde Resins: These resins offer wide compatibility, very high gloss, detergent resistant and alkali resistant coatings.

In general SYNPOL amino resins are very vital for development of coatings applied to products designed for consumer & industrial use such as automobiles, scooters, mopeds, bicycles, farm implements, electric fans, sewing machines, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, steel furniture, toys, etc.

The revolution in packing industries have demanded special coatings with low temperature curing and shorter baking schedules for lithographed aluminum and tin containers, collapsible tubes, and lastly plastic films and their laminations with metal foils. For all these novel applications SYNPOL amino resins, due to their superior quality and dependability have proved very high industrial importance and have won consumer confidence of public and private sector industries.