Epoxy Resin,Epoxy Esters And Reacitve Diluents

SYNPOL epoxy resins are reaction products of Bisphenol-A and Epichlorohydrin. The range starts from liquid to solid resin containing on an average two epoxy groups per molecule. Epoxy systems are often chosen against other systems when chemical resistance is an important factor. Cured epoxy system will perform excellent depending on the curing agent, resin diluents, and additives chosen. The correct choice of the types and amounts of the modifiers in the given application is fairly precise, difficult and important task, as the final properties and eventual performance depends upon it.

The chief characteristics of the SYNPOL epoxy resins are:

1. The ability to be cured rapidly or slowly over wide range of temperatures,
2. The ability to be processed by a large number of different techniques,
3. The absence of volatile by-products formed during the curing reaction,
4. Low shrinkage during cure,
5. Excellent adhesion to many different substrates,
6. A high level of mechanical strength which is retained at elevated temperatures,
7. Outstanding toughness,
8. Good electrical properties and
9. Excellent chemical resistance.

SYNPOL epoxy resins and esters are consumed by the following six methods of applications, namely (1) coating, (2) bonding, (3) casting, (4) filament winding, (5) laminating, and (6) molding. SYNPOL epoxy resins, epoxy esters, hardeners and reactive diluents are finding uses in thousands of industrial and household applications, because of their versatile and unique properties. They are manufactured with utmost technical skill, rigid quality control, and batch-to-batch uniformity.

SYNPOL epoxy reactive diluents can be incorporated in epoxy resins without affecting the chemical, electrical, mechanical, heat deflection temperature properties. In many applications, low viscosity epoxy resins are required to handle and mix with other materials, to allow more filler to incorporate, and to improve wetting in impregnation of glass fiber and cloth, in such cases SYNPOL epoxy reactive diluents are very important and can be used without hesitation.