Hardeners And Accelerators

SYNPOL Hardeners and Accelerators are manufactured by indigenous technical know-how. SYNPOL offers a very wide range of hardeners, or curing agents for epoxy resins depending upon the final performance of cured resin. Selection of a hardener to be used in a chemical resistant epoxy formulation is a very critical, difficult and a time consuming job. Hardeners fall broadly into many types such as Polyamines – (aliphatic amine, aromatic amine & cycloaliphatic amine), Polyamides, etc.

  • PolyaminesThis class of hardeners include pure and modified, aliphatic, primary, secondary, and tertiary amines. These hardeners are fast curing type at room or elevated temperature giving heat deflection temperature in the range of 70 – 160°C. Aromatic curing agents give excellent resistance to solvents, mineral acids and organic acids. Cycloaliphatic amine cured systems offers resistance to aqueous solutions, resistance to solvent, mineral acids as compared to aromatic amine curing agents.
  • PolyamidesThese resins are versatile hardeners for epoxy resins. They are easy to handle, compatible with all types of epoxy resins, and their mixing ratios are not critical. Fairly long pot life is possible, and they do not require addition of separate flexibilizers, as they have built in flexibility.
  • AcceleratorsThese resins are phenolic tertiary amines. They are used to enhance the curing time of epoxy formulated systems. Generally used in cool atmosphere where temperature is below 25°C.