Phenol Formaldehyde Resin

SYNPOL Phenolic resins are an extremely important group of materials, which have reached a high degree of development. The chemistry of phenolic resin is extremely complex. Phenolic resins are derived from the addition of formaldehyde to phenols. A Para-substitued phenol (di-alcohols) when reacted with formaldehyde gives a condensation reaction which can be easily controlled.

The reaction between phenol and formaldehyde, catalyzed with only alkalis are used in surface coating industry which are further butylated. SYNPOL butylated phenolic resins are compatible with epoxies, polyamides, polyvinyl butyrals, alkyds, etc.

SYNPOL alkyl phenolic thermo-set resins are compatible with Tung oil, D.C.O stand oils, chlorinated rubber and epoxy resin, etc.