SYNPOL Reactive Polyamide Resins were developed and manufactured for the first time in our country, by indigenous technical know-how. SYNPOL offers an extensive range of reactive polyamide curing agents for epoxy resins. Polyamide Resins are based on polymerized vegetable oil fatty acids and selected polyalkyl polyamines. Polyamide Resins are condensation products of dimerized fatty acids and polyamines. Reactive Polyamide Resins are semi-solid viscous fluid synthetic resins of varying amine functionality. Depending on the ratio of dimer acid / polyamine content and the degree of polymerization offers a range of products suited for different applications.

Polyamide Resins cure epoxy resins by reaction of the active amine groups. SYNPOL Polyamide cured epoxy systems have, however, some distinct advantages when compared to polyamines. The insertion of dimer acid structure gives internal plasticity and provides greater flexibility and high impact resistance. Coupling of dimer acid and amide groups provides very good adhesion along with superior water and corrosion resistance. They are compatible with most phenolic and alkyd resins, and also with vinyl resin, polyester resin, urea resin, melamine resin and petroleum resin. They react with epoxy resin, phenolic resin and other resins, to produce thermoset products with outstanding characteristics.

SYNPOL Polyamide Curing Agents – Characteristics:

  • CoatingsEpoxy Polyamide cured systems imparts excellent adhesion, flexibility, water and corrosion resistance. Due to these properties it has great requirement of various markets ranging from structural steel, concrete protective coatings & industrial coatings. The polar nature makes them to suit poorly prepared surfaces to yield better adhesion, and also suitable for primers and maintenance coatings. They give thermoset coatings with extremely good chemical and solvent resistance properties of the phenolic, and flexibility and impact resistance properties of polyamide system. Because of the unusual combination of good properties, they are ideal for clear chemical resistant coatings for lining of barrels, drums, cans, etc.
  • Adhesives / SealantsEpoxy Polyamide cured systems impart good wetting of the substrates giving good adhesion, water and chemical resistance. Along with good flexibility it gives good toughness, high bonding strength.
  • Castings / Encapsulation / Potting / LaminatesThese systems have excellent strength, low degree of shrinkage and ability to cure at low temperature. Due to excellent wet-ability it minimizes voids giving excellent mechanical strength. Also it gives good electrical properties.
  • Cements / Caulks / Grouts / MortarsEpoxy Polyamide systems are having wide curing times range which allow them to use in civil engineering works, industrial flooring, sealing compounds and pre-fabricated concrete parts. These systems provide extremely high mechanical strength, compressive strength, chemical resistance and adhesion to conventional building materials.