Ketone Formaldehyde Resin

SYNPOL Alkyd Resins form one of the most important group of resins used in the surface coating industry today. SYNPOL manufactures modified alkyd resins. The most common of which, are Acrylic modified alkyds, Silicone modified alkyds & Polyurethane modified alkyds.

  • Acrylic Modified Alkyd Resins: These resins are an extension of Styrenated alkyds. They allow for greater formulation because of wide range of acrylic monomers available. These resins have very fast drying rate which helps them to be used in roller coating enamels, metal decoration, industrial fast drying finishes, giving excellent resistance to water, petrol and oil.
  • Silicone Modified Alkyd Resins: These resins results in products with superior heat resistance and weathering properties. When silicone modified alkyds are used as sole binder, they are especially suitable for application to stable substrate such as metal and cement. They give high durability coatings that exhibit excellent gloss retention and chalk resistance. Because of heat resistance they have found use where high temperatures are experienced – such as chimneys and flues. Their excellent durability makes them ideal for exterior masonry paints.
  • Polyurethane Modified Alkyd Resins: These resins are used as binder where fast drying, hardness and abrasion resistance are required. Polyurethane alkyds are use in wood finishes giving exceptional properties like very high gloss, high mar resistance, resistance to staining, mild acids, alkalies, detergents, water liquors fruit juices etc. Polyurethane alkyds show good drying characteristics. The drying, hardness and block resistance of conventional long oil alkyds can be enhanced by combining with a polyurethane alkyd.